Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Art on Main Street

I'm very excited that in two weeks my art is going to be on display to the public during the amazing Drift Festival on Main Street, Vancouver!!

October 3 & 4th will see over 100 artists, 35 Artists’ Working Studios & 80 Main Street Shops, Cafes & Galleries team up to host this free 2-day art party! The idea is for the public to meet and interact with artists in their studios and purchase unique works.

I'm busy preparing everything for the drift - I just picked up my prints from the studio, I need to see the framer and I'm making sure all my canvases have strings in place so I can hang them on the walls.

I've also created a promotional postcard, as seen above, which features my artwork and a map of where my artwork will be displayed during the festival.

I'm nervous, but very excited!!! So come drift with me on October 3 & 4th - I will be at Balance Acupuncture and Massage, 104 - 4338 Main Street!! Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Printing at Malaspina Printmakers' Studio

Last week (or was it two weeks ago already?!) I booked some time in at Malaspina Printmakers to print the series of lino squares I created whilst at the artists colony in Costa Rica.

I was extremely excited to get in there and get going - after all I have had these prints lying about since May!

Here are some step by step pics of the process...

Firstly I mixed some black ink (I've used water-soluble block printing ink) with a little bit of retarder to slow the ink drying time. I have used a heavy duty roller (brayer) to spread the ink out onto a glass surface. When it has a distinct peeling sound it means the ink is ready. I then began rolling the ink onto the linoleum square.
Once the ink was evenly applied onto the lino sqaure, I carefully placed it facing up onto a backing sheet on the press bed. The backing sheet is measured out exactly to indicate placement of the lino - it is the same size as the printmaking paper.

After placing down a sheet of printmaking paper, I gently lowered the felt blankets on the paper and lino square. This keep the plate and paper in place, and stops the printing press from ripping the paper. I tested the height of the press prior, by rolling an uninked lino through the press and adjusted the height accrodingly - checking the pressure each time.

Rolling, rolling, rolling - once the blankets are down and the pressure is set, its time to grab a hold of the wheel and turn it clockwise until the press bed rolls underneath the press all the way through to the end. It should feel quite tight, and is great for building up those upper arm muscles!

Once the press bed was on the other side, I lifted the blankets and gently peeled the paper off the lino square - a perfect image was imprinted. Ahhh, my gorgeous yukka print is drying patiently on the rack!

I'll be back in the studio again this Friday, finishing off the prints and some colour variations I'm working on(fun!). I can't wait to have these ready for the Drift coming up extremely soon!