Sunday, August 23, 2009

Printing at home in the studio

Last week I decided to try to print some of the gorgeous lino squares I carved in Costa Rica.
I bought some black watersoluble block printing ink, some BFK paper and a baren. I already had a hard roller and smooth surface to roll out the ink.

Here is a picture of a bamboo inspired lino square (with some residue ink already on it) and my workstation in my home studio (which also happens to be my bedroom !)

This was the first time I have tried printing at home, and it has been a challenge! It seems that no matter how much ink I put on or how hard I press down with the barren, the image the gets imprinted is not a solid block of colour, with paper still coming through. I even tried using a marble rolling pin!

I either need to hit the gym and work on building some muscle strength in my arms or I'm thinking I should try an oil based ink? I just don't know what I'm doing wrong...

So, I've decided to rent the printmaking studio at Malaspina Printmakers for all of next week and give it a go with the giant printing presses there...

I'm off to the store to stock up on different coloured inks, more paper and anything else that might catch my eye! I'll spend today preparing myself for the studio - cutting down the paper to the correct size, having a plan of action etc, so I'm ready to rock and roll when I get in.

I can't wait to get in there! I'll keep you posted next week on new developments....

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last Friday I sold two paintings!! Wooooooooo hoooooo!

It's so exciting, its the best feeling in the world - it's so nice to earn money doing what you love! I couldn't be happier.

What's even more exciting is that someone is going to be enjoying my artwork in their living room or office, every day. Hopefully they will get lots of positive comments about my art from other people and those people will want to buy more of my art.

The two pieces sold are the ones which I created whilst at the artists' colony in Costa Rica. They were very labour intensive but I guess all that hard work has paid off!!

I have given the paintings the latin names of the actual plants.

Anthurium, acrylic paint on canvas, 18" x 30", May 2009

Alpinia Purpurata
, acrylic paint on canvas, 30"x30", May 2009

I'm also getting ready for the Drift festival coming up very soon in October, so I will keep you posted on further developments!

Starving artist - what's that?