Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exhibition Euphoria @ Off the Kerb Gallery

Over a week ago (oh how the time flies!) I was back at Off the Kerb Gallery to pack up my Echoes of Nature exhibition. To my delight, I found the gallery covered with red dots, and almost half of my work SOLD!!!

It was a huge leap from humble beginnings on opening night, the evening of February 4th, when Melbourne decided to descend into humid and wet chaos, with flash flooding turning our roads into rivers. Seriously! I could not have picked a worse night for an exhibition opening.  But, those who love art, family and friends (who love me) braved the weather Gods and made it in time for refreshing (and very affordable) drinks, beautiful artwork (if I do say so myself) and interesting chats with the artists.

I could not be happier with the final outcome of this exhibition. The grin on my face could not be wiped for days.

I will miss my little babies... I'm kind of sad that all those months of hard work and preparation are over, there is a feeling of emptiness after the euphoria, but knowing that other people are enjoying my art in their homes and offices is absolutely priceless.

Creatively yours,
Maja Wolnik