Sunday, March 21, 2010

Messed up studio!

I've spent the last three days trying to spring clean my studio, and I'm almost there. My man found a free desk that we've dragged into the studio, which is great because I get a NEW desk to put more artsy stuff everywhere, but not so great because sadly for me this means even more room to spread the mess... This brings the studio total to 3 desks!

Before launching my new etsy shop, I spent a lot of time trying new designs on lino and softer type squares to print onto greeting cards. Unfortunately, there are days where things just don't work - my prints just wouldn't turn out. I tried using a professional baron, which didn't work, then I tried a marble rolling pin, nothing, a wooden spoon which was probably the most effective method. I even tried the piano and kitchen stools to press the lino onto my paper! The ink would not come off evenly. A very frustrating and exhausting process.

So while I look into new printmaking equipment, I spent this week being inspired by the gorgeous cherry trees in and around Vancouver. They are so pretty, with their pink flowers bunching up on branches like popcorn or fairly floss, the soft petals blowing through the wind. Spring is here! So to celebrate, I created 4 greeting cards which I am selling on etsy. Here is the whole collection on my new desk. I created the illustrations using diluted ink.

Stay tuned to hear more about the printing dilemma.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Visit my etsy shop!


I'm sooooooooo excited to launch my etsy shop! After what seems like an eternity, with lots of photo taking, image editing, description writing and shipping profile developing, my online store is finally up and running.

Now, instead of just gazing at my wonderful art on screen, you can use your clever little mouse to click away, order online and pay through PayPal to receive my unique creations in your hot little hands - all within a few days! Easy.

I love etsy and so should you - so follow me and start owning some of my original artwork...

- Maja